The Selected Team Members of The

Air Force One Detailing Team

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Welcome To The Detailers of Air Force One Website. This site has been built to share with other professional detailers, detailing enthusiast and others interested in both the detailing industry and aircraft preservation. We are proud of our efforts and are pleased you have taken the time to review our site!

Hello, my name is Renny Doyle and I am the founder of Detailing Success and Renny Doyle Detailing. I started working with this particular aircraft nearly a decad
e ago and over those years we have been able to safely and effectively restore this prized piece of history. 


When I has once again asked to service, detail and preserve one of our national treasures, I wanted to share this experience with other like minded auto detailing and aircraft detailing professionals. So nearly one year ago I started to build a "Dream Team" of the best auto detailing and aircraft detailers I could find within our group of professionals that I had trained within the art of auto and aircraft detailing.
I applied those names to paper as I found them and once we secured this project, we contacted the detailing professional you see along the right side of this website and thus "The Dream Team of Detailing for 2011 Was Born". Take some time and check out the "Selected Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team"!


There is only one reason I keep bringing you back to the MOF...and it's your Chevelle!! Hah! I think you know why I insist on having you do the work on Air Force One. 

It is because you know what you are doing; it is a matter of trust. You do the job and you do it right.  I don't have to worry so much about it. Air Force One is our "National Treasure".

I (the Museum Of Flight) we are the stewards for historical objects. In this case Air Force One. I feel it is important to help preserve these artifacts. This one just happens to be a real “Crown Jewel”. You are a part of it.

Evan Elliot- Museum of Flight  

Now, many years after our organization started this historic paint restoration and aluminum restoration project...I am pleased to say we have taken this priceless aircraft from a stage of decay and dullness to once again being a crowned jewel. Visit Renny's History With this aircraft page where you can see yourself our progress on this aircraft and our history of restoring her to her original (if not better) state.

In addition make sure to check out the history of SAM 970 page where we will be asking for input from many of you on what you know about this aircraft. In 2003...I was lucky and was able to meet more then one crew member....we sure hope many "witnesses" to this aircraft's splendor will share with us her many stories within history.

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