I started detailing aircraft in Southern California in 1979 as a young teenager. I detailed anything and everything I could and being born with few  luxuries within life...I was crazy over both aircraft and cars and that passion grew as I grew.  In the early days...I was blessed to have rode my bike to a local airport and into a remarkable situation that forever changed my life. The man who gave a skinny, long haired kid an opportunity turned out to be the famed Art Scholl.

Art gave me the basics and a taste for aircraft and that has built a fire for not only aviation but nearly anything that is motor driven! I have owned and managed several business and 1993 accepted a position within Oldcastle which was a fantastic corporate experience for me back in my mid-twenties. I am so thankful for the people I worked with there and the experience gained. But the call for my own business called and Attention To Details and Detailing Success were both launched in 1999.

Back in 2000, I met a detailing product developer that turned out to be a major influence in my detailing efforts. Aeroshell (Shell Oil) was developing a line of aircraft detailing products and I ended up right smack in the middle of that project. Some eight years later, I am still involved with Shell Oil within the Aeroshell Flight Jacket Cleaners and Polishes Line.

In 2002, God made sure I made the right contacts again and I met Joe Clark of Avation Partners. Knowing Joe has opened a number of doors and I have ran with a ball Joe Clark handed me! That same year, I went global within my detailing efforts with clients all over the United States and now I was excited our work was attracting international attention.  Now, I work with many international business leaders and some of the worlds leading celebrities for all of their aircraft detailing needs and auto detailing services.

If You desire to have Renny work on one of your vehicles or you desire to be trained within the art of detailing, contact Renny via email renny@detailingsuccess.com or by phone (800) 871-4781.

God Bless and Happy Detailing...Renny Doyle