When I started working on this aircraft...it was in pretty sad shape

This aircraft is a part of history and rushing the cause could and would have caused damage to the aluminum...we were asked to be gentle and bring her back slowly...and SAFELY! 

The Same Engines Today...

Anyone that knows a thing or two about detailing at a high level knows that auto detailing or aircraft detailing is an art form! When one details an aircraft with polished aluminum, well that is a new level of detailing that requires a vast knowledge of detailing products, detailing techniques and true skill with a polisher. When I started this project back in late 2002 with the evaluation of SAM 970, I knew one day I would be looking at a new aircraft. A new aircraft that would transition from dull paint to shiny paint. A new aircraft with almost no shine on the metal to aluminum sides and engines that would shine endlessly.

At the conclusion of that first detailing service, we knew we had started something special...something that was remarkable. When I looked at the well finished paint that now shined and the gleaming aluminum that had been polished better then ever...I knew that SAM 970 and myself would be attached for some time and nearly seven years after I first performed the advance detailing evaluation and paint test spots and aluminum polishing test spots...I knew I would play a key roll within this aircraft presentation for some time to come!

Now, many years later myself and many of the best detailers with the United States have the privilege of call ourselves the "Selected Team Members of The Air Force One Detailing Team!